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After the ecstasy, the laundry

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“We usually think of breakthroughs as ecstatic moments that elevate us from a lower level to a higher. And they do. But there’s a paradox. In the moment, an epiphany feels like hell…It exposes us and leaves us naked. We see ourselves plain, and it’s not a pretty picture.”Steven Pressfield 

It’s said that in the beginning there was light, and all things were good. We were small and helpless and trusting of everyone and everything. We had big hopes and beautiful dreams and boundless energies to accomplish anything we set our minds to. But somewhere along the line there’s a break. We break ourselves against the sharp edges of the world, or we’re hurled against them by somebody else (who quite possibly didn’t mean to do it).  Either way, the result is the same. We break, and along comes fear, self-doubt, self-sabotage. We listen to and we believe what our thoughts tell us. We become incapacitated, unable to live out our dreams. Instead, we fall into the trance of unworthiness. We limp along, living our half-lives, surrounded by unfinished business and unrealized potential. We tell half-truths, hiding in the shadows, afraid to shine lest you witness our failure, afraid to be seen lest our presence prove displeasing. Our half-baked ideas and our undone deeds wilt in the half-light of the too-dim bulbs we keep in our lamps….

…I’m over at Project You today, so head on over there to finish reading this post…


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