Sacred Comfort

Care for the Soul

God’s Laughter

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Cindy Holman

I laid in bed and listened to the rain

like a roaring, whirling sound

it came

pounding on my roof

with many intricate patterns

set in motion by an unseen force

I’ve heard people say

rain is God’s tears

But what if the rain is laughter instead?

God’s laughter

Laughter that drenches

like rain

Rain that envelopes

and fills up the crevices

brings healing to the dry

and satisfies the thirst

rain that at first seems unnecessary

wet, cold and inconvenient

but then as I really listen

I hear the marvel

the complexity

the supernatural lilt and cadence

of heavenly laughter

billowing down

chasing me

bringing life

energy and hope

a breath of fresh air

and a kiss of assurance

Laughter that has not given up

or abandoned

laughter that seeks, reaches and pours

gloriously overflows

drenches and lavishly gives

And I smile as I listen

straining to hear more

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This entry was posted on January 3, 2013 by in Poetry, Thoughts on God.
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